Stuck on what to do to get your family moving this week?
Check out all these ideas below for fun family time!

Family Dance Party

Each family member picks a song and you all dance. Pick both slow and fast songs but everybody gets up and dances !

Nature Walk

Take a walk with your athlete outside. Ask your athlete to find a large twig, then a larger one, then a smaller one. Repeat with different items and different adjectives. Your athlete can places all their items in a bucket, bag or basket. When you return home, pour out the contents of the bucket. Ask your athlete to help you sort everything by different categories such as type of item, size, color, or texture.

Stop and Go

Use any tune you like to sing a variety of movement commands to the athlete. For example, “Spin, spin, spin!” or “Jump, jump, jump!” Once the athlete becomes comfortable with the movements, occasionally “freeze” and call out “Stop!” After the athlete has “frozen,” too, call out “Go!” and resume your movement.

Scarf Games

Materials: scarf or small towel. Swing a scarf through the air by moving it up and down and side to side. Let your Young Athlete follow it with their head and eyes. Drop the scarf and let them “catch” it with their hand, head, foot or a body part they choose. Have your athlete throw the scarf/towel and you catch it. See who can throw it the highest, who can catch the most in a row, or bump the challenge up by adding additional scarves and/or towels.

Obstacle Course

Materials: toys, blocks and hoops or boxes. Build your own (let kids help if they want to), and then teach new terms as your athlete climbs on or off of an object, goes over or under an object, moves fast then moves slow. Challenge — add more items to the obstacle course to make it more challenging.

Parachute Games

Materials: flat sheet and ball. Hold the edge of a sheet while your athlete holds another one. Move the sheet up and down. Then, place a ball on the sheet. Together, move the sheet up and down… but don’t let the ball roll off! This game is great for groups. Invite brothers, sisters, friends and family members to play with you!